3G Racer White/Holo Left Handed Mens Bowling Shoes

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Meticulously crafted through extensive research and testing, the Racer stands as a pinnacle of excellence within our Tour Line. Unleash your true potential on the lanes with these premier interchangeable bowling shoes, meticulously engineered to enhance your gameplay and style. 

Crafted with Precision: Experience unparalleled comfort and style with the Racer's high-quality design, meticulously developed from soft leather to provide an optimized fit. The lightweight yet durable construction ensures these shoes are built to last, empowering you to take on the toughest challenges on the lane. 

Innovative Sole System: Change soles with unparalleled ease using the revolutionary pull tab sole system, a hallmark feature of the Racer. This cutting-edge technology redefines convenience, enabling swift sole changes like never before. Adapt your game effortlessly to various lane conditions and unleash your ultimate potential. 

Breathability Redefined: Stay cool under pressure with the Racer's ingenious design that prioritizes breathability. Front nose mesh holes and side vents work in harmony to optimize air circulation, keeping your feet comfortable and fresh throughout your bowling sessions. Experience the refreshing difference that the Racer brings to your game. 

Complete Package: When you choose the 3G Men's Racer Bowling Shoes, you're not just getting shoes – you're investing in a complete bowling experience. Your purchase includes a Formula S10 sole and a Formula H3 heel and a H11 heel on the shoe as well as a lightweight shoe bag for easy transport and protection, a shoe cover to keep your shoes pristine, and an additional S18 sole and H15 heel for added versatility. 

Unleash Your Potential: Available in two distinct colors to match your personal style, the Racer is more than just a shoe – it's a statement. Elevate your bowling game with the 3G Racer, backed by a 1-year limited warranty for your peace of mind. 

Size Range: Find your perfect fit with RH sizes ranging from 7 to 12, as well as 13 and 14, ensuring a comfortable fit for bowlers of various sizes. 

Upgrade your bowling experience today with the 3G Men's Racer Bowling Shoes – where innovation, style, and performance converge. Dominate the lanes like never before and reach new heights of success with the Racer by your side. 

  • Interchangeable bowling shoes with a fixed traction sole. 
  • Soft leather and feature an optimized fit. 
  • Lightweight design. 
  • Innovative pull tab sole system. 
  • Front nose mesh holes and side vents. 
  • Removeable insole. 
  • On shoe: Formula S10 sole & Formula H11 heel (Slide shoe),  Formula H3 heel (Traction shoe). 
  • In Bag: Formula S18 sole, Formula H15 heel, shoe carry bag, 1 shoe cover. 
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty.