Storm Tropical Breeze Black/Cherry


Storm Tropical Breeze Black/Cherry 1050


Storm has always been committed to providing you a full line of performance options. The Tropical™ Line is unique in that it offers two different series each with distinct characteristics. While both balls offer phenomenal performance for the money, they each have a specific reaction characteristic that’s sure to find a place in your arsenal. The Tropical Heats™, with their Turbine™ core, create more flare and backend reaction, while the Tropical Breezes™ produce a tighter, more controllable roll.


With three exciting colors and innovative fragrances, the Tropical Breezes are sure to appeal to bowlers of all skill levels. They all feature a proven Reactor™ reactive coverstock material that glides easily through the heads yet reacts down-lane to provide optimum pin carry. The new Black/Cherry’s hybrid blend is highly polished just like the others in this series. While it can be sanded to create a stronger reaction, we’re sure that you are going to love the factory finish just the same. The Camber™ Core’s inverted light bulb shape powers this new color option, too. It provides ample predictability and control, a must for bowlers with slower speeds or those bowling on dry lane conditions.

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Lane Condition:Medium-Light Oil
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Storm Tropical Storm Black/Cherry Bowling Ball Storm Tropical Breeze Black/Cherry