Roto Grip MVP Attitude Bowling Ball

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Core: From conception to present day, the Neutron NXT Core stands to be one of, if not the highest performance cores in its price point. Medium to higher RG provides tumble and length, while the medium core differential provides change of direction down lane where you need it most.

Cover: The VTC-H20 Hybrid reactive coverstock showcases our latest advancements in chemical engineering. Our R&D team worked to create a hybrid material that creates more midlane traction while not losing responsiveness to friction.

Condition: Engineered for those Medium Oil conditions, the MVP Attitude will provide an outstanding option for when you need a ball to clear the front of the lane, not skid as far as a pearl, yet still react nicely to friction.

RG: 16lbs- 2.55, 15lbs- 2.55, 14lbs- 2.55

Diff: 16lbs- .040, 15lbs-.040, 14lbs- .040

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