Dexter THE 9 HT Black/Red/Grey Mens Bowling Shoes

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Dexter brings brings revolutionary technology to competitive bowlers aiming to stay at the top of their game with THE 9. With interchangeable slide and traction soles, the SST9 can be converted for lefties and righties alike. With a new, contemporary last, you will have all the balance you need.

Toehold - Hyperflex - Engineering
Total Interchangeable Sole & Heel Construction
Right or Left Convertible
TPU & Breathable Mesh Upper
Strobal Construction for increased flexibility
Molded Midsole with Classic Raised Shank and Heel
Molded external heel stabilizer
On Shoe only (removable) THS7 Slide Pad, H5 ST, THT2 Traction Pad, H2 UB
2 Shoe Protectors Included

The 9 Differences against other SST Shoes:
Glove soft upper provides extraordinary comfort and greater flexibility.
Sstreamline with a shorter toe for a closer fit and more control.
Notched thumb grip for easy removal of interchangeable soles and heels.
Dual Hyperflex hinges to ensure proper alignment during sole attachment.
Hyperflex channels allow the sole to flex and stretch at 2 points, minimizing cracking and increasing flexibility/comfort.
Toehold clip and track for the interchangeable soles.

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